MATELEC, October 25~28, 2016

Date: 25-28 October, 2016
Location: Madrid, Spain
MATELEC is the International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronics Industry which will feature more than 600 participating companies divided into four main specialist areas: Matelec (telecom and networks), Lightec (lighting area), Industry (Automation in Industry), Urbótica (Home automation and Smart Cities). In 2016, it is expecting more than 45,000 visitors from 80 countries to participate in one of the main Southern Europe’s export and marketing platforms.
WoMaster's stand at MATELEC to get the knowledge about cutting-edge technologies for Smart Cities’ applications.

The product range:
- Industrial Wireless 3G/LTE gateway and Wireless Controller for M2M
- Industrial Din Rail Layer 2 / Layer 3 Switch and PoE switch for surveillance
- Industrial M12 Layer 2 / Layer 3 Switch and PoE switch for Railway
- Industrial Rackmount Layer 2 and Layer 3 switch and PoE switch for Power Utility
- Industrial Network Management System and Wireless Mobile Manage