April, 2018 Applications of industrial Ethernet switches DS108, DS409

DS108 - Slim size industrial switch for automation and process control

The integration of control and information across the enterprise enables users to optimize their manufacturing operations by connecting the plant, working site, industrial facility, and people. Highly integrated devices on the factory floor as well as on the scale of the whole enterprise are a baseline for the rapid evolution of industrial automation control systems. For this purpose, a secure network infrastructure, smart devices for efficient data collection and the ability to turn data into data-driven actions are required.

EC61000-6-2 / IEC61000-6-4 heavy industrial EMC compliant unmanaged Ethernet switch DS108 provides an economical solution for building the most efficient industrial automation network to meet customer’s needs. 8 Fast Ethernet ports collect data from temperature/humidity sensors, IP-cameras, and various on-site devices, e.g., devices for measuring and control fluid or gas pressure, volume of solids, fluids or gasses in a process, etc.

Supported 2 fiber ports are used for up to 30KM uplink connectivity: collected data is quickly transferred to Monitoring and Control Center for data processing, analyzing and data-driven actions. Crucial for industrial automation network availability is provided by broadcast storm protection: auto drop incoming broadcast packets, fast enable/disable function through DIP switch.

DS108 also supports QoS service for time-sensitive process control applications: VIP port for Port 1/2, Port base design for IEEE 802.1p, DiffServ, TCP / UDP port number. For cost-saving and energy efficiency, DS108 features IEEE 802.3az EEE Power Management providing Energy Efficient Ethernet and idle power saving mode.

IP31 rugged mechanical design is able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and wide operating temperature range from -40 to 75°C.  DS108 can be easily installed in space limited industrial cabinets thanks to its compact size and wide power input range 9.6 ~ 60VDC support,.

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Application of DS409 in road traffic control networks

In the second half of the last century traffic congestion has become a serious problem due to the rapid increase in the number of vehicles on a common transportation infrastructure with limited capacity. Traffic congestion leads to queuing, reduced throughput of the available infrastructure, and to further infrastructure degradation, resulting in excess delays, reduced safety, and increased environmental pollution.
Addressing this problem, system integrators deploy reliable high throughput, time-sensitive traffic monitoring and control networks so that operators of Traffic Management Centers (TMC) could regulate traffic or coordinate law enforcement and emergency crews when responding to incidents on the highway.

WoMaster’s industrial L2 Managed Ethernet switch DS409 is frequently chosen for ITS networks as it’s specially designed for industrial environments requiring reliable ultra-high throughput and network time synchronization, such as road traffic control applications.

Equipped with 9 Full Gigabit ports, including 6-port Gigabit Ethernet and 3 uplink Gigabit combo ports, DS409 is an ideal choice for road traffic control networks as it provides ultra high throughput and high flexibility of selecting cable types and distances. Deployed in multiple ring network topologies. DS409 collects real-time video stream and large flow of other types of data (traffic detectors) from widely located sites and transmit the data over long distances to Traffic Management Center. 

Rugged industrial design of DS409 ensures system high performance and reliability in harsh environments, extreme temperatures (-40~75oC), humidity, and other unfavorable working conditions. For additional network reliability, DS409 features 10.5~60V wide power range design with redundant power input.
The switch complies with NEMA-TS2 for wayside traffic control assemblies.
High level of EMC protection exceeds traffic control standards’ requirements which guarantees reliable operation in heavily loaded ITS.


By deploying DS409 system integrators can ensure reliable ITS operation as it provides:
 convenient management (WebGUI, CLI, SNMP and RMON, IEEE 1588v1 PTP time management, LLDP topology control, USB for easy field configuration and firmware update, software utility interface for LAN devices management, NMS for individual component monitoring);
 cyber security functions (802.1X/RADIUS port-based access control, Port MAC secure learning, Private VLAN/IP Security/Port Security, HTTPs/SSH/ Management IP secure access);
 ITU-T G.8032 v1/v2 ERPS Ring Redundancy (sub-50ms protection and recovery switching for Ethernet traffic, interoperation with 3rd party industrial switches with maintaining fast recovery time, efficient network interconnection and topology with ERPS Chain, multiple chains).

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