WoMaster filmed a demo video for WR322G LTE serial router

WoM Europe, March 6, 2018 – WoMaster has shot a new video introducing the innovative industrial secure LTE router WR312G/322G Series designed for IIoT connectivity by single (WR312G) or dual (WR322G) high-speed LTE routing or Wi-Fi networks.

The first part of the video shows the model interface including:

■ Two RS232/422/485 ports for connecting to on-site serial devices
■ 2T2R radio for providing up to 866Mbps high throughput
■ USB port for quick and easy field installation and firmware upgrade
■ SD card for storing application programs or diagnostic log file

In the second part, WoMaster’s FAE engineers conduct two field demo helping to get the more profound understanding of the device.
1. The first demo experiment demonstrates how the notebook or mobile device can get access to the Internet through WR312G/322G LTE router.
2. The second demo shows how the branch office as the VPN client can access the File Server at the Headquarter through VPN server by using LTE router. WR312G/322G guarantees network security by supporting OpenVPN and IPsec.

You are welcome to watch other technology demos and product training videos on WoMaster website -> 
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About WoMaster:
WoMaster Group is an international group with over 20 years of industrial market experience. We provide rugged products with customer oriented support for critical applications such as railway, power and utility, waste water, intelligent transportation and IP surveillance. WoMaster product range includes Industrial Networking and Computing products.

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